Time Box 4G

Time Box 4G by Double Cheese Studio

A high quality, solar powered, 4G Time Lapse System.


Developed since 2015, the system has been deployed on many worksites.
With or without rough weather condition, the system proofs himself succeeding in delivering stunning images of constructions evolution.




– High quality pictures : 12MB Camera
– High quality video : 4k 3840×2160 / HD 1920×1080
– Wide angel of view : Ultra wide 174° – 180°
– Webcam mode, accessible from web browser
– Iframe integration on websites
– Custom time settings for picture-taking, every X of an hour
– 4G antena
– Solar powered
– Weather sealed hard case
– All weather proofing, from frizzing winter to hot summer
– Freeze-proof to temperatures as low as 14°F / -20°C


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